Livestock Dealers

Our History

At P. Quintaine and Son Ltd., and J. Quintaine & Son Ltd., we have established ourselves as leaders in the Western Canadian livestock brokerage industry. Operating a fully-integrated business, we have successfully built a large presence in both the cattle brokerage and hog brokerage industries.

This family owned business was started by Pete Quintaine in the late 1940’s near Pilot Mound, Manitoba. Jim Quintaine, Peter’s son, started working in the business on a part-time basis in 1965 and was brought into the management team of the business in 1969. Jim married Deborah Quintaine (Grimshaw) in 1971 and in 1975 Jim and Debbie had their son Corey Quintaine. Debbie helped Jim’s mother Kathleen Quintaine with the bookkeeping duties until Kathleen passing in 1989, Debbie then took control of the bookkeeping until her passing in 2014. Pete and Jim managed the business together until Pete’s semi-retirement in 1982, at which time Jim took over all the general management duties himself. Pete loved to be involved with the business until his passing in April 2015.

The business changed locations in 1968 when it moved from Pilot Mound, Manitoba, to Brandon, Manitoba — its present location. At this time, the business was incorporated as P.Quintaine & Son Ltd. In May 2000, a hog buying station was built in the Steinbach area (Quintaine New Bothwell) to increase the volume of livestock bought and sold. In June 2004 another hog buying station was purchased in Red Deer, Alberta.

With their export business, the Quintaine’s began to build a fleet of trucks and drivers to transport their livestock to market. The company of J.Quintaine & Son Ltd. was incorporated in 1994 for the purposed of separating the trucking side of the business (transportation of livestock to the United States markets) from the rest of the business. The trucking side of the business has grown from an initial fleet of two semi-truck tractors and trailers to 16 semi-truck tractors and 24 trailers presently. The Quintaines presently have 13 drivers, 80% have driven over one million miles with our company. One driver had over 7 million alone.

At Quintaines, we have a long-term relationship with many of the largest livestock buyers in the industry, with whom we have built a reputation for reliable, on-time delivery of high-grade livestock.

The combined operations of J.Quintaine & Son Ltd. and P.Quintaine & Son Ltd. include approximately 60 employees, 50% of which have been employed at Quintaine’s for 10 years plus.  Each business segment is run by an experienced and knowledgeable manager who is responsible for ensuring his or her well-trained team meets particular objectives and goals. All staff members have been chosen for their specific strengths, as well as their dedication to consistently delivering outstanding customer service. All aspects of the business are overseen by Jim Quintaine.